Deep Dive Series: Episode 2.1 – What If Andre Agassi Had Loved Tennis?

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Deep Dive Series: 2.1 – What If Andre Agassi Had Loved Tennis? Part 1

Podcast Series Summary:

The “Deep Dive” series is our chance to give you a more thorough examination and understanding regarding a tennis-related subject or question that we find interesting.  The range of topics we cover can be both large and small in scale.  Fun what-if scenarios, book reviews, controversial topics as well as examinations of historical moments and their impact on both the game and culture, are just some of the possibilities that we have in store for you in this special patron-only series, which you can only get by subscribing to Freaking Geeks Media on

Each “Deep Dive” subject we tackle will be broken down into two-three separate episodes, with each covering one aspect of the topic in question.  Each episode will be in the 20-40 minute range, with the series coming in at one and a half hours to two hours in total, depending on if we need more or less time to do a thorough discussion.

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Podcast Series Summary:

In this episode, we take a look back at Andre Agassi’s career and see how he struggled with playing a game he hated.  We briefly recount his career trajectory and see how at various points he gave up tennis or displayed little-to-no effort on the court.

Show Episode Recap:

Timeline: Agassi’s Career As It Stands

15th Century: The first tennis balls were created using leather stuffed with wool

  • 1970-1980: Andre’s birth and his childhood through the age of 10 with his father Mike Agassi.
  • 1980-1990: Andre outplaying local competition and therefore being sent to the Nick Bollettieri Academy, his struggles there and his early career as a pro player
  • 1990-2000: We watch as Andre navigates the difficulties in playing a sport that he hates but feels compelled to continue playing anyway and how he eventually chooses to play for his own reasons late in the decade.
  • 2000-2006: Andre finds his most sustained success in the back end of his career and retires as one of the all-time greats